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Should I Have More Than One Resume? Absolutely!

Candidates have asked me many times if they should have more than one resume handy. My answer has always been: "Absolutely!"

I have five resumes. You can't use the same resume for every job. If you want to be on the money and give yourself the best chance to present yourself as the right candidate, tailor your resume for the position, and continually polish it.

When I see your resume, I want to see you have the experience I'm seeking. For example, do you have experience in the particular vertical the job requires? I want you to provide the relevant details about your experience and skillset for the position. If you send me a resume that looks like it belongs in a fashion PR agency's hands when you're applying for a healthcare PR position, I'll ignore it.

Yes, I've written about necessary PR skills being transferable, but not every position is a one-size-fits-all deal, and I need to see that you are the qualified candidate I'm seeking.

That said, in these varying resumes, leave out truly irrelevant experience. I don't need to know about your serving job in college or your six months in sales.

The extra effort it takes to curate resumes for the variety of positions you're applying to will not hurt an ounce. You'll only be more desirable for jobs you're qualified for, and the recruiter you are worth an interview.

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