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The Fish Stinks from the Head

I love when clients get angry with a recruiter because their new hires keep quitting after 3-6 months. Sorry, buddy, but like my old boss Herb used to say, “The fish stinks from the head.”

Don't blame the recruiter because all your new hires are leaving. It seems incredibly unlikely that a recruiter, who interviews candidates multiple times before they make it to your doorstep, is the issue. However, suppose candidates are being whisked away by other companies shortly after you hired them. In that case, it's usually because the job/company did not live up to its promises, or more likely, it's a toxic workplace/boss.

If my team and your team vet a candidate, that means that at least five people didn't see red flags. And yes, every now and then, you get a lemon. It happens. That's why we give clients a three-month guarantee. Three months is long enough to figure out if a candidate isn't a good fit.

However, when candidates get past five people and work more than three months, I highly doubt they are a problem child.

After a series of resignations, it's clear that the people have spoken: You're the common denominator. Something clearly isn't right at your agency. You need to carefully consider what you are bringing to the table and why it isn’t enough for candidates.

Remember: The fish stinks from the head.

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