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How to Prepare for an Interview

I know, interviews are nerve-wracking. Even the most seasoned professionals aren't exempt from pre-interview jitters. Myself included. So, I’ve put together a few tips for preparing for your next interview.

Don’t skimp on prep! Preparing for your interview will make you feel more confident and assured. Otherwise, you may get hit with a load of anxiety and feelings of unpreparedness just before you walk through those office doors. I know you’re busy, but if you set aside time to prepare, you’ll adjust your mind and nerves.

Do your homework. Research the prospective employer! Get to know them, what they're all about, who they work with, and their history. If you can, research the person who will be interviewing you. And if you're not entirely familiar, research all that you need to know about the position you’re interviewing for.

Far too many candidates walk into interviews and blow it because they failed to do even basic research...don’t be one of them!

Dress for success. Okay, you’d think I shouldn’t have to say this, but you’d be surprised at how many candidates show up to an interview looking like they don’t own an iron or hairbrush. Even if the employer has a laid-back dress code, you need to show up for your interview in professional attire. Nothing wrinkled, stained or ripped, and absolutely no tee-shirts, jeans, or revealing clothing (ladies). Look clean and presentable.

Think about what you want to say. What questions do you want to ask your interviewer? What is important to YOU? Make a list. Think about previous experiences and duties you want to highlight. Have an idea of what you need to say to best represent yourself and come across as a superstar.

Practice. This is where mentors can be tremendously helpful. Practice doing mock interviews and ask for critical feedback. Ask your recruiter to put you through your paces as well, but know that if I’m your recruiter, I’ll tell you the be careful what you ask for!

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