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A Dog's Guide to Being a Happy Employee

Today is June 26, A.K.A. National Take Your Dog to Work Day. This day is always celebrated the Friday after Father’s Day. For those of us who have turned solely to remote work since the pandemic, everyday is “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” but today is extra special.

That’s why my dogs decided to contribute today’s post with their guide to being happy at work … from a four-legged perspective. (Although we certainly won’t be taking all of their advice.)

1. Make every day Casual Friday.

2. Rewards and treats are very important for a job well done.

3. Naps recharge you for the rest of the workday (under the desk is preferable).

4. Stick your nose up someone’s butt to get ahead.

5. Don’t bark during meetings.

6. Working remotely is the best.

7. Take plenty of cuddle breaks

8. Take a walk when you’re getting antsy.

9. Show the mailman you’re excited to see him!

10. And, in light of Covid 19, don’t drink from the toilet!

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