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Now is a Great Time to Sharpen Your Skills

Stuck inside and looking for something productive to do? Now is a great time to sharpen your skills and become a more competitive candidate. Use your self-isolation to ensure you have an appealing resume and LinkedIn profile, focus on the right credentials, and offer evidence of your skillset.

First, explore online classes, workshops, and seminars. There is something out there for everyone. Find a class in social media management, Microsoft Office, marketing, graphic design, writing, Adobe, Google. You never know when these skills and certifications will serve you. Many of these online certifications and training courses are currently free.

LinkedIn Learning is not free but offers your first month free. It offers a plethora of videos and tutorials to consume on any professional interest. Learn more about Microsoft Excel, body language, data science, graphic design, personal branding, photography, building online communities, you name it. You have both the time and resources to cultivate interests you never knew you had.

Now is also a great time to polish your resume. Be certain your resume is somewhat representative of you as far as format and design goes. If not, pick a new template or format. Reword dull language. If you receive an online certification, add it!

Brush up your LinkedIn profile. There are many “hidden” opportunities to add information and credentials to your profile. The more time you spend on your LinkedIn profile, the better. Draft an eye-catching headline, rework your biography. Read our LinkedIn blog post. Now is the perfect time to take a new headshot if you don’t love your current headshot. All you need is a spot of good lighting, a cell phone camera, and a filter to hide any imperfections (trust me when I say this is a great tool to hide those wrinkles). Do whatever you need to do to ready yourself to get back on the job search when stay-at-home orders are lifted, and the gears begin to turn again. Don’t think you need to collect every online certification possible. Life and responsibilities get in the way, but if you have spare time on your hands and you always intended to boost your competitiveness, consider these options.

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