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Is Temp-to-Perm the Right Move?

As more PR people job hunt, I’m starting to notice an increase in temp-to-perm roles. What does this mean for you, the jobseeker?

Well, if you’re collecting unemployment, it means possibly giving up your benefits for a gig that could average only 20 hours per week, although some may be closer to 40+. In this time of uncertainty, you’re probably seeking a secure and stable job that will meet your needs, and temp work may seem less favorable.

What’s nice about temp-to-perm roles, however, is that both employers and candidates are given an opportunity to test the waters. They can decide if it’s a good fit for their needs before committing to a full-time position. Clearly, candidates will have to prove themselves.

If you have an inkling you won’t be settling down as a permanent member of the team, you can still apply for other work while getting experience in the role.

The big question is, “Are you willing to take yourself off the market by leaning into a temp-to-perm role?” Candidates will have to weigh the risks of signing on for this type of work or continuing their job search full time. Then again, no risk, no reward.

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