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You Only Call Me When You Want Something

As a professional communicator, you should be responsive to all your messages. LinkedIn is the platform for professionals, so use it like it is. You won’t regret it in the long run, and this behavior will speak volumes for your communication abilities.

The sad fact is that people think they don’t need anyone when they’re doing well, yet when things tank, you realize too late that you don’t have a strong professional network to fall back on.

I’m not demanding you talk to me; I’m just suggesting you network with everyone, including recruiters. Networking never becomes less important no matter how high you climb the ladder or how secure you feel in your position.

Talk to recruiters when you have a job, even if you’re not looking to move on. The response you send back can be as simple and sweet as: “Thanks, I’m not interested at this time. But I’m happy to be a part of your network.”

Some of the people I reach out to don’t check their LinkedIn messages regularly (which is unforgivable for PR and marketing people) and/or are unresponsive. Now, however, they’re flocking to send me their resumes. Truthfully, Johnny-Come-Lately will not get the same attention as those who have stayed in touch and kept me updated.

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