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The Forecast for Raises and Bonuses in 2021

Are raises and bonuses looking up in the public relations industry this year? I think so – I've made a note of several agencies who dealt out raises this year, as well as promotions. They're likely acting on employee susceptibility to fly the coop while demand for talent is high.

It's a bit misleading, though. A 2020-2021 Gallagher survey predicted 2.1 percent of employers are dishing out salary increases, but this is lower than the 2.5 percent average salary increase in 2020. In fact, thirty-five percent of employers curtailed their salary increases for 2021.

Moreover, I don't see remote work policies changing drastically. I hold to my belief that increased remote work leads to more significant opportunities within the profession. When location isn't a factor, it's easier to make one's dreams a reality.

So, if you're settled in the PR industry, chances are extra income and opportunities are looking up for you.

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