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Stay Classy People!

Out of ten candidates, only two of them will likely circle back to thank me when they land a job. Shocking, isn’t it?

Many candidates forget that seemingly small acts of courtesy and respect still matter to recruiters and employers.

Sadly, I’ve witnessed a lack of common courtesy among candidates numerous times this past year. Here are some of the inconsiderate actions I’ve noted:

● Logging onto interviews late or rescheduling interviews moments before they are scheduled to begin

● Attempting to renegotiate agreed-upon salaries after verbally indicating an acceptable offer

● Accepting an offer while negotiating with another company and then walking away from the first offer

● Ghosting employers after they’ve made an offer or making them wait days for a response

● Going around the recruiter who brought you to the table and not keeping them informed of discussions with potential employers

The list goes on and on.

Guess what? Courteousness, consideration, promptness, and honor still matter. Trust me when I tell you, a recruiter won’t go to bat for you again if you behave this way. You may get the job this time, but don’t come knocking when they figure out you’re a jerk and you’re back on the street looking for your next opportunity.

Also, recruiters work in tandem with your potential employer. Candidates need to be mindful of the impression they are giving off to the people who are working diligently to help them along in their careers. We have no problem telling a potential employer what we think mid-search. If we see red flags, we’re going to let them know.

So, in the words of Ron Burgundy, “Stay classy.”

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