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Get Greedy & Get Lost

Candidates, it’s one thing to negotiate a job offer for a higher salary or greater benefits and secure an agreement, but it's entirely another thing to reach for or demand another salary hike at the last minute. This happens more often than people think.

Candidates are expected to tell me how much they hope to earn. Mind you, they could be lying for all I know. As the recruiter, I’m to put you in front of a hiring manager based on certain salary criteria. If you tell me you're shooting for $100k and it’s reasonable based on your experience, that’s what I present you at.

The issue arises when a candidate interviews at that level and then, at the last possible moment, like when they’re en route to a formal offer or have received an offer, they insist on making $20k more. Not only has the candidate thrown me under the bus, but it also makes both of us look bad. The client will be disgruntled and the candidate may unintentionally forfeit the offer.

Even if you believe the client can afford to pay you more than what’s been discussed and negotiated, it’s bad form to carelessly ask for additional money. Currently, there are thousands of qualified candidates out of work. Chances are you’ll lose the opportunity.

Oh, and by the way, recruiters talk and keep detailed notes on candidates. It’s in your own best interest to play fairly and let the recruiter advocate on your behalf. If you get greedy and upend the negotiations, you’ll be out of a job and out of future least with me.

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