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Dear Agency: Candidates Are Just Not That Into You

Some agencies have a harder time hiring candidates that stick than others. This can be for any number of reasons, but one big reason is negative employee reviews.

Not only do people talk, given how small the PR industry is, but websites like Glassdoor and Indeed give former and current employees the opportunity to provide a review of their experience.

I can understand a few negative reviews. But consistent negative reviews? It’s time to wake up. If there are thousands of PR people out of work, but you’re not gaining traction on job openings, these candidates might just not be that interested in you given what former employees have to say.

Recently I’ve had several candidates turn down interview opportunities, despite being out of work because they want to avoid “toxic” agencies.

PR agencies must do their own PR. If you see a heap of negative reviews about your agency, treat this as an emergent issue that needs to be remedied internally and externally. First, agencies must create a healthier job environment with negative input in mind. Agencies should also encourage employees to write honest anonymous reviews. This could create more positive buzz surrounding the agency from happy employees and offer more constructive feedback from others. This could make or break an agency if job satisfaction remains low and calls for improvement go unheeded.

I think its part of every agency’s due diligence to work hard at creating a positive public image and a positive work environment. While this may seem basic, I’ve seen firsthand that it falls to the wayside for several agencies.

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