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Are you really that clueless?

Sometimes, my fellow recruiters remark, “Are candidates really that clueless?” Sadly, I must say yes, every so often, they are. It can seem as if we’re on American Idol.  Like contestants on the show who were told by their inner circle that they’re the next Whitney Houston, recruiters meet candidates who were encouraged to believe they are the best thing since sliced bread. My advice to them, don’t quit your day job.

I believe all professionals should work toward personal and career development. Talent must be cultivated. Wisdom takes time and experience. When you’re a novice eager to climb the ranks, humility and patience pay off. You will be far more likable as a candidate when you demonstrate an eagerness to learn and grow. 

Before you try to exude the swagger or prowess of a rockstar, ascertain that you’ve looked in the mirror without rose-colored glasses. Listen to and utilize the criticism graciously offered to you by mentors, bosses, co-workers, and recruiters. 

Swap hubris for humility before you embark on your job hunt. 

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